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Barcamp Mobile 2011 Registration is Now Open!

What is Barcamp? Let’s get the biggest question out of the way -
No, it’s got nothing to do with bartending, and it’s not actually a camp.

What Barcamp actually is is a user-led technology conference, made up of people who come together for the sole purpose of sharing knowledge. One of the few conferences where there are no ‘experts’, no keynotes, and no one is paid, it sets itself apart from the typical for-profit technology events. Barcamp users come because they have a deep desire to learn, and to share with others the skills, the ideas, and the philosophies that drive them.

Everyone who comes to Barcamp is expected to participate. Most will present in 15 to 30 minute spots about whatever they are interested in. Photography, iOS, social media, mobile apps, cloud-based computing, gaming, wordpress, blogging, network security…it’s all there. Not to say it’s all about computers! Juggling, making a zombie apocolypse survival plan, even making the perfect cocktail are also topics that have been touched on in previous Barcamps! One of the most exciting parts of Barcamp is that you just never know what you are going to hear. Even those who don’t present share in the responsibilities by helping organize, helping to procure sponsorships, gruntwork the day of the conference, and providing great pictures and live tweets of the event. Barcamp is truly, in all senses, for and about it’s users.

There is no fee to attend Barcamp, and all facilities, internet, food, etc is provided by generous sponsors who help make this event possible.

Be sure to register, and share your plans to attend with others so we make make Barcamp Mobile 2011 the best one yet!
Have questions? Know someone who would make a great sponsor? Shoot me an email at

Barcamp Mobile is Looking for Sponsors!

It’s that time! Barcamp Mobile is looking for sponsors for our 2011 conference!

The University of South Alabama CIS department has agreed to host us an officially sponsored activity, giving us access to all the space we need and a great wifi connection, which is the perfect start for a user-led technology conference. Luckily Barcamp is pretty simple, so that means with classrooms, chairs, wifi, projectors, and white boards, we have the biggest part out of the way.

What else do we need? FOOD!

As the saying goes, geeks gotta eat, and we’d like to be able to provide all meals like we did for Barcamp 2009. We are looking for local businesses who don’t mind putting up a little cash for a great cause(and a bit of free promotion!) to help offset costs for a night-before meet and greet, as well as breakfast, lunch and snacks the day of the conference. All sponsors get a special place in the sidebar, mentions in every blog post, lots of twitter mentions, our eternal gratitude, and the knowledge that you have helped make the world a better place by facilitating the sharing of knowledge amongst those with a strong desire to learn.(And did we mention we’d love to be able to thank you in person for your donation at Barcamp?)

If you are interested in helping us make this the best event possible, drop me an email at so we can discuss sponsorship options. If you know someone who owns a local business who would be a great addition to our sponsor group, hit me up and I’ll send you an email to forward on. It takes a community to put on a Barcamp, so lets get the ball rolling!