Barcamp 2009 Projects

One of the best things about Barcamp is that when you get together so many intelligent, creative people in one place, great ideas are sure to happen. Barcamp Mobile 2009 was no exception.

The Satori Project

Satori Coffee House is a local favorite here in Mobile, and we were incredibly excited when they signed on to sponsor the breakfast for this year’s Barcamp. (Barcamp Mobile 2009 trivia bit- Satori was actually our very FIRST sponsor!) What blew us away however was going to pick up the food on that Saturday morning, and finding out that not only were they providing us with free breakfast, the manager himself came in to make the scones and coffee hours before they were even open!

Everyone was so impressed with this, the idea was hatched that these incredibly nice, but maybe not the *most* internet-savvy people should be repaid in the best way a bunch of techies know how- build them a website! Previous to Barcamp, Satori Coffee House had a Myspace..and that’s it. No Twitter, no Facebook, no..anything really. In a matter of hours, we had an amazing team of talented people put together as well as a full-on social media presence, most of which can be seen here, so be sure to add them! – .

The website is still a work in progress, but we will continue to work with Satori to bring the word to the masses about their great food and amazing atmosphere.

The Mobile Bay Tech Alliance

Prior to Barcamp, ideas had been tossed around about how to make Mobile more tech-friendly to draw in new businesses and generally make life better for everyone. During the conference, this was further discussed and we realized that we had some great resources, but no way to get them together. The result is the Mobile Bay Tech Alliance. This organization’s purpose is to bring together the tech community in Mobile and the surrounding areas to foster and encourage technology-related events and networking in both professional and social capacities.

Still in the very earliest planning stages, we are nonetheless growing quickly. For updates on this exciting project, follow the Mobile Bay Tech Alliance on Twitter, and be sure to join the Google Group to become a part of the action!

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